Sprucing up the Garden with some help from B and Q

We moved house recently having lived in a lovely 2 bed flat for the past 7 years and now I’ve finally got my own outdoor space, it’s not massive, just a small yard flagged with stone paving and whitewashed walls, but its mine and its outdoors =)

When we moved in we inherited 2 tired looking little plants that George still thinks are dead (there not, they just need some love) and that was it, nothing else. So as every upstanding British person did at the first spot of sun, I ran to the B and Q to stock up on garden essentials.

Now when I left school I qualified as a landscape gardener and happily did that job for around 6 years but truth be told we never really planted anything bar the odd shrub and mostly stuck to building driveways and patios.

So with no experience and bags of enthusiasm I braved the aisles and headed for the Grow your own section, there were hundreds of edible things to choose, the variety was great! So I started chucking a few bits in the trolley. I bought an industrial amount of compost and some lovely pots and headed home, turns out plants are a tad expensive which I came to realise at the till and spent a little more than I had planned but sod it I will soon be swimming in fresh produce!

20160507_155316 20160507_155336 20160507_155319

Turns out I bought a vast array of herbs, salad leaves, peas, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers, 4 varieties of chilli and some strawberries a rather eclectic mix if I do say so myself, having not read any of the labels properly when buying said items (and not really realising how I ended up with broccoli?)

20160509_150058 20160507_162000 20160507_162012


I set to work, and spent a lovely sunny afternoon with the pups planting and potting away.

I now have to play the waiting game (Tesco needn’t worry about a fall in baby leaf salad sales just yet!) until the end of summer to see if the fruits of my Saturday labour will well bear any fruits.


I’m pretty excited and will keep updates posted when anything happens, providing Murphy doesn’t climb on any more stems or decide he likes to dig in compost!

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