Pact Coffee Subscription Review

Well I’ve got hooked and signed up for another subscription, the next best thing to beer…….coffee!

Another Facebook offer for a £1 trial, I filled in my details, the ordering process was great asking what preferences you have and even what type of machine you’re going to brew with. I chose the Aeropress as this is my coffee maker of choice in a morning, quick easy and makes a great cup and chose to get coffee beans and grind them myself rather than pre ground, then I played the waiting game.

I chose one called Planalto from Brazil as it was described as a malt milk chocolate shake, the package arrived a day or so later and it looked amazing.

Pact Coffee Review

The pack came with the bag of coffee beans, a handy fridge magnet guide to brewing with an Aeropress, a book about pact, and a little card describing the coffee and where it was grown, all really nice touches.

To my surprise I then got a phone call from a lovely lady at Pact, who called to make sure id received everything and if I liked the coffee, again a great little touch from the people at Pact. Amazing customer service!

The coffee tasted great, really fresh and tasty. It’s not as strong as the coffee’s I usually drink, but had a lovely fruity flavour which was very moreish. I didn’t get the chocolaty shake taste, but would drink this again.

Pact Coffee Subscription Review

Anyway, I scheduled my coffees to resend over 28 days the problem is I’ve run out! What a travesty luckily the clever folks at Pact have this in the bag and you can jump online and fast forward your next delivery, very clever!

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