ManCoCo Organic Coffee Review 

I was looking forward to working from home this morning, not because I get a shed load achieved without the office distraction, but mainly because I get to brew up some ManCoCo Coffee.

ManCoCo Coffee, are a coffee bar and roaster based in Manchester City Centre, and I really like their coffee. I like it so much that on Sunday morning last month, in a somewhat hungover state, I made the decision to put on pants and head to the Macclesfield Monthly treacle market, specifically to get some of their Manchester blend coffee beans.

I made my way slowly through the treacle market to ManCoCo’s usual spot. Their stall is great, you can see all the coffee tins with around 15 to choose from and little jars that contain each of the beans that you can look at and smell to decide which is best for you. I waited in line and picked up my magic beans.

Mancoco coffee Manchester Mancoco coffee Review

If you’re not too sure of what to choose, the guys from ManCoCo will help you out. They will ask you the kind of coffee you like drinking, the strength you like, and recommend you a blend.

I usually order my coffee in bean form as I can then grind them to suit whichever machine I’m going to be using, but the guys on the stand will happily grind them on site to your specification. They stamp all the bags to let you know when the beans were roasted and ground, as the fresher the roast, the better the coffee!

Whilst there as I was feeling adventurous, so as well as my usual Manchester Blend, I decided to try something new and picked up a bag of Merced Del Potrero Organic Beans from Mexico.

Mancoco coffee Beans

These are 100% organic! They are grown by a group of about 256 women who collectively farm 610 hectares in the foothills of Oaxaca’s Sierra Sur, which is around the town Merced del Potrero, hence the coffees name.

I brewed my coffee in a French press this morning as I need a good boost and plenty of liquid. The coffee is a rich amber/brown colour, and has a strong, yet moreish flavour, a mix between Chocolate and Peaches. Its sweet enough so no need to add sugar or milk and sticking with the Mexican theme went well with my Juevos rancheros (Spicy eggs and peepers) for breakfast. I would definitely recommend this coffee and I’m going go grab myself another cup before it goes cold.

Mancoco coffee Treacle Market Manchester coffee coffee beans Cheshire

ManCoCo are a coffee bar and micro roaster based in Manchester city centre, in a railway arch just off Deansgate. Specialising in hand roasting ethically sourced coffees from around the world – Check them out here

*this post was written in under 3 minutes using the power of Coffee!


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