Flavourly – The Craft Ale Subscription Box

So I’ve joined the monthly subscription revolution and my first box of choice…..beers!


Not just any beers, craft beers! No I’m not a hipster I had a beard before they were cool, somewhat of a trend setter I believe.

I’d been looking around at some of the different packages from different companies such as HonestBrew, Eebria, Beer52 and Flavourly but my problem with them was, could I warrant spending that much on beer each month as a subscription? I know there all cancel any time but I’m forgetful and wouldn’t end up doing it for months (as secretly I like beer) plus £20/30/40 is a steep asking price per month to wait for my beer when the supermarkets are starting to stock a few decent ales nowadays and the convenience of grabbing 1 or 2 whenever I want, plus there’s 2 great craft beer shops I’ve found in Macclesfield but that’s a blog for a different day.

Flavourly review

Anyway Flavourly got me on Facebook “4 craft beers for free, just £2 postage and packing” this was a great offer to get me hooked 50p a beer and they would be here in time for the weekend.


I clicked the link and headed off to discover hoppy goodness, I must admit I got overly excited seeing the offer and the mobile app was really straight forward to use, then it hit me my card was downstairs, I had no way of paying for the brews without an arduous journey to the front room and the potential “to do list” of Georgia, I risked it then got inevitably side tracked, no beers for me =(.

As I had filled in 90% of my details the clever soles over at Flavourly weren’t going to give up on me that easily and sent a decent email to me from my beers asking if id forgotten something, that was it I was hooked and with wallet in hand confirmed my order, only a few days till delivery.


I got several emails informing me my beers were on route and with royal mail, then a text saying they would be arriving that day and finally a knock on the door from the postman, im lying he didn’t know I saw him walk past the window and id run to the door before he had chance.

Flavourly Box review


The trial pack arrived in great condition and I was immediately impressed with the packaging and the beers inside, 4 I’ve never tried before plus my official club pass and a great little magazine “Mr Stout” all about the brews, the brewers and all things ale in between.

London Beer Lab Ale Review

Mosaic Pale Ale by London Beer Lab, this was a cracking beer and tasted fresh and fruity, definitely one for a BBQ, fresh and fruity with a fantastic smell, lingers on the pallet with an instant craving for more.

Island Hopping Ale Review


Island Hopping by Swannay Brewery, I could see this being a nice all day beer at 3.9% it’s not rocket fuel with a nice light taste, it had a slightly bitter aftertaste but a good blonde ale.

Five point ale review

Five Point Pale by The Five Points Brewing Company, a nice little Citra, zesty and sharp which was a change from Island hopping. Crisp and smooth I could have a couple more of these.

Single Wide IPA Ale Review

Single Wide I.P.A by Boulevard Brewing Co. The bottle looked ace and everyone knows that’s how you should always judge things, the beer started off very sweet and got better with each mouthful, I couldn’t drink this bad boy all day at 5.7% but 2 or 3 wouldn’t go a miss.

I can’t wait till the end of the month when my next lot of ale arrives, once you have your trial box the price goes up to £20 for 10 beers which is still great value at £2 a beer and 2 snacks, I will be sure to write a review of next month’s delivery and the beers from my first box.




If your interested in giving this a go for yourself I’ve got a nifty voucher that gets you the full ten beer box for £10! Just follow the link,

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