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A few weeks ago I went to a Hen do in York, it was filled with cocktails, laughter and more booze – so when I got back the first thing I wanted was pizza! Ant had also been out and was feeling a little worse for wear so also wanted our favourite hangover food. He had been to the Treacle Market in Macclesfield, a local traders market which sells everything from cakes to photographs, coffee to taxidermy!

Ant visited  a food stall which was selling make at home pizzas and sauces. Don Marco Food Co – Dough it Yourself offer Artisan pizza bases and sauces, so you can make pizzas at home. They have 3 varieties of thin pizza bases to choose from, white, wholemeal and linseeds, and a gluten free option – They all come with 2 in the pack. Then 3 different sauces, a Romano which is a classic tomato, a Bianca which is an olive oil, garlic and rosemary sauce, and Vesuvio a spicy tomato.

dough it yourself dough it yourself pizza sauce

Ant opted for the wholemeal ones, the healthiest choice. The woman at the stand then advised to go with the spicy Vesuvio sauce, as the strong wholemeal taste might over power the Romano. You got the pack of 2 pizza bases, and the sauce for £5 which he thought was a great deal, especially when you know its good, natural ingredients being used.

I then got home later on that afternoon, and arrived to a display, which if your a pizza lover like me, would have gone weak at the knees.


20160424_173240 20160424_173844

We then got to work! Ant had already pre-heated the oven to a recommended 220 – 230 degrees.

I made a delicious cheese and butternut squash pizza, with extra cheese 🙂

20160424_174240 20160424_174353 20160424_174708


Ant went for a spicy chorizo pizza

20160424_174418 20160424_174504 20160424_174544

They go in the oven for 4-6 minutes, depending on how well you like your pizza cooking. They both came out looking, and smelling delicious!

How to cook dough it yourself

They were thin pizza bases and full of flavour. It says to not overcrowd the pizza with too many ingredients as it may go soggy, but these turned out really crispy. The sauce worked perfectly with the wholemeal pizza base, as recommended, and was actually quite spicy which was lovely.

20160424_180219 20160424_180053

Despite being thin, they were very filling, I couldn’t finish mine which is a rarity! We found these a very tasty product, that we would definitely buy again.


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