BarkBeats Box – The Doggie Subscription Box Review

They say that dogs are a mans best friend, and that’s definitely true in our house! We have 2 little dogs, a Jack Russel called Tilly who’s 7 and a Jack Russel x Bischon Frise called Murphy, who is just a pup at 5 months old.
Tilly Murph1


We love to buy them treats and toys, and just spoil them rotten, so when I saw an ad on Facebook for a BarkBeats Box I clicked straight away. It said – the doggy surprise-box delivered to your door each month -what a brilliant idea! I am a big fan of subscription boxes so I definitely wanted to get one. I went through to their website, clicked through to purchase and then the cost came up – £19 per box. Now I love my pups, but that seemed very high, they do say they give 10% to animal charities which is amazing, but this is a little more than what I thought it would cost so I left it.

A few days later though I saw this advert on my Facebook feed, and thought fantastic sign me up!


Barkbeats box discount code


When you click through to ordering, you have to choose the size of dog you have. This obviously is great, as there would be no point receiving items not suitable to my size dog. You then choose how you would like to order. You can order a rolling monthly box at £19 a month, a contracted 6 months for £14 or 12, £13 a month. I opted for the rolling contract as I wanted to make sure that it was suitable for my dogs before committing to the 12 months for the cheaper price.

I then signed up, added my discount code, and it was £9.50 brilliant! I then waited for the box to arrive. Small issue, I had put some of my information in wrong, so the people at BarkBeats contacted me and sent my box out straight away after my address was confirmed – Fantastic.

When the box arrived, I was very excited to see what treats there were, and to give them to the dogs. I opened the box up, which was packaged very nicely, undid the paper and moved the straw to find 5 items in the box and got them out 1 by 1.


Barkbeats box


dog treat box


We had some chicken treats, a beef stick and some small coaching treats, perfect for Murphy at the moment.


What do you get in a barkbeats box


Then a poop bag carrier, which is very handy when you have 2 dogs, and a little ball. The ball says that it makes a whistling sound when thrown, we couldn’t hear it though, perhaps we weren’t throwing it correctly – probably the case!


subscription box for dogs


The dogs loved it.! The treats went down well, and the play fighting then commenced over the ball, always a good sign.

barkbeats box review


But for me, I was quite disappointed in the amount of items you got for the price, even the fact I had 50% off, I still thought that the items didn’t justify the price.

I added them up individually and they came to just under £15, so for my £9.50 that I spent, I suppose we did quite well. The ball alone though was £6, but I would never spend that on a ball, it was very small and a very thin plastic, it would have been a couple of pound anywhere else. So if you were paying full price at £19 a box, you would have been better off buying  everything separate.


This is a fantastic idea, and perfect for dog owners who want to spoil their beloved pooches. It is quite a new idea, so perhaps in a year or so the selection might get greater or an extra item or 2 might be added to the box or if the cost of the box came down. This may make me want to sign up in the future, but for now sorry pups the odd few treats from the pet shop will have to suffice.


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