Adlington Golf Centre Day Out

I’ve not played golf for years, and when I say not played I mean I never really played, and think I have only ever been on 2 18 hole courses ever, anyways myself and a couple of mates decided that we would get out the old whomping sticks and go and hit some balls followed by a few beers

We headed off to Adlington golf centre which is halfway between Macclesfield and Poynton, with two 9 hole courses, The Academy course which is a pitch n put and a graduate course which has longer distances, they also now have footgolf (which we definitely need to try!) and a driving range.

The plan was to hit a few balls on the driving range then onto the 9 hole academy course as you only need a putter and pitching wedge, having looked on line I decided to take advantage of the prepay golfcards with the plan of going back a few more times now the weather is getting better.

The prepay cards can be bought for £25/£50/£100 and £250 each coming with a discount on any of the courses and driving range balls, I opted for the bronze £25 which gets you 20% off which was pretty good.
Addlington Golf Course Balls

Having arrived earlier than the other 2, I got my card, grabbed a coffee and chose to go with 75 balls for the driving range and headed out to unleash my inner Tiger woods.

Driving Range Addlington

Safe to say Tiger doesn’t have anything to worry about, truly shocking is an understatement! There was the odd decent shot that fired, but it was pure luck more than anything. The other 2 finally joined me, and we set out on our mini competition. The driving range distances are all marked and there are several flags dotted around to give you something to aim at, so we chose a target and took our shots.

It was good fun and started to hit some decent shots after 20 or so balls, we lost count of who had won, but were just happy to be undercover as it started raining.

Addlington Driving Range

The rain stopped as we ran out of balls, and I decided to break out the big driver for my last ball and send it flying, pressure was on, I was ready. I took my swing and SMASH! I managed to hit the ball in such a way it went vertical hitting the metal ceiling with a massive thud that everyone heard, what a nob!

We quickly left and jumped on the academy course, the lads paid £8 each but I used my card and got 20% off so already racking up the savings. I took my pitching wedge, sand wedge and putter. We decided to play points which is whoever gets the ball in the hole with the least shots gets a point, if people get the same they get half a point.

Things did not get off to a great start with all of us averaging a pitiful 5 shots on a 80yd par 3, the Academy course is pretty nice and easy to play, things were pretty even as we made our way round in the freezing cold, when we made plans I was thinking shorts, t-shirt nice walk and hit some balls but it was quite the opposite.

The beauty of the weather meant we had the course pretty much to ourselves so as the shots got played the banter flowed and good times were had, we had the scorecard but hadn’t been checking until the last hole, we did a tally and to our surprise we were all on the same score, it all came down to the last hole!

Golf Course Addlington Review

We all teed off the first 2 landed just off the green, I managed to bunker it, I hit it out in 1 shot followed shot and the pressure was on each of us putted and finished with four, with hyperthermia kicking in rather than play another hole we decided to call it a draw and head home for the beer!

Adlington is a great little venue and I’m looking forward to hitting a few more balls in the warmer weather and getting on the graduate course.

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